Version 4.5.1 - January 31, 2017

Version 4.5.1

Meter 4.5.1-804 Released to production on 1/31/2017.

Official Release Notes Version 4.5.1

Local Plugins Simplified

The entire process for installing local plugins has been simplified. We have removed the requirement for the "plugin" directory level of indirection, and added provisioning commands to the truesight-utils CLI (Meter Command Line Tool). This removes the need for users to hand-edit the local_plugins.conf file, and makes remote plugin installation much more scriptable.  Additionally, we have maintained backward compatibility with the existing local plugin tree.

New Version of Winpcap

We have switched to the newer version of the winpcap library - npcap, and removed the need for a Truesight branded winpcap installer. This simplifies installation and addresses some edge cases our users were seeing in some installations.  This will also allow the meter to roll forward with updates to the library far quicker. The npcap library can be found at: Nmap Project's packet sniffing library for Windows

Open Handle Counts

The meter's get_process_info RPC previously only returned CPU/MEM/Disk metrics.  We now include open file handles as a metric as well.  Additionally, the meter status page provides this information for the meter, the plugin manager, and plugins under the meter's control.

New invalid source/metric handling

The meter sends up metrics with sources in a batch API call. Prior to this release, if one of the source or metrics names were invalid, the measurement would be silently dropped on the back end. In the new release, the back end provides a response to the meter indicating which, if any, source or metrics names were rejected. Upon first receipt of a given metric/source name, the meter will log a warning message to the console, and send an event for display in the UI. The event will contain the invalid value, and the reason it was rejected. Thereafter, the meter will not send the flagged metric/source. This change will make it obvious to the user when a metric/source is rejected, and reduce the processing of bad values by the API.


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