Version 4.6.1 - April 6, 2017

Version 4.6.1

Meter 4.6.1-831 Released to production on 4/6/2017.

Official Release Notes Version 4.6.1

Windows auto-upgrade

The windows version of the meter now supports an auto-upgrade check. This can be enabled in the installer UI by checking the "Enable Meter Auto-Upgrade" button. When enabled, the meter will check for new packages on Sunday night at midnight. The user can change the check times by changing the values in the auto_upgrade/period section of the meter.conf file.

FreeBSD 11

FreeBSD released a stable version of 11.0. In support of this, we are now providing a version of the meter package built to install and run on FreeBSD 11.0

Ubuntu hash signing security

Ubuntu has increased the security level for package signing with the release of Ubuntu 16.  Previously, the meter package was signed using a SHA-1 hash.  This has been updated to SHA-256 for improved security and mitigates the warning message -- Signature by key {key} uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1) -- that users were getting when using apt-get on Ubuntu 16.

Meter no longer requires WinPcap or Npcap

Beginning with this release, the windows version of the meter is no longer dependent upon WinPcap nor npcap.  Therefore, they have been removed from the installer.  Prior to this release, when installing the meter on Windows, the installer would also install WinPcap (or Npcap) if they were not already installed. This no longer occurs.

After installing this release of the meter, customers may remove winpcap and/or npcap from their systems subject to any other software that might be using the drivers.    

End of support for Obsolete Platforms 

With this release, we have withdrawn support for FreeBSD 9.

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