How to Configure Baseline Alarms

Baseline Alarms trigger when the data value for a selected metric, and optionally the selected source deviates from the baseline for the duration of the configured period. Baselines are computed using hourly and daily time periods based on the metric measure time interval.

Configuring a Baseline Alarm

  1. Click on the Alarm icon in menu pane or select the Settings -> Alarm menu items from the Settings menu to display the Alarm configuration dialog.
  2. Click on the green button in lower right of the dialog labeled Add Alarm and then an Alarm configuration dialog will be displayed.
  3. Identify the alarm by entering text into the Name field.
  4. From the Alarm on drop down menu select the Baseline menu item.
  5. From the API Metric drop down menu select the desired Metric to trigger upon if there is a deviation from the baseline.
  6. Select the desired source from the Source Filter drop down menu.
  7. From the Threshold drop down menu select the condition that should be violated for triggering an alarm.
  8. From the Period drop down menu select the desired period for which the deviation from the baseline should persist before triggering an alarm.
  9. From the Actions drop down menu select the desired action to fire if this alarm is triggered.
  10. In the Note field add any supplementary text to be associated with the alarm.
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