Version 4.7.0 - August 14, 2017

Meter 4.7.0-852

Meter 4.7.0-852 Released to production on 8/14/2017.

Official Release Notes for Version 4.7.0

Native support for Windows performance counters

The meter now provides a convenient collection method for any of the available Windows performance counters.  A simple .ini specification file is all that is required to immediately begin collecting any of the native or application specific data.   A sample template file is created on meter startup, which provides the necessary information to get started.

Enhanced metrics logging

To further assist in debugging issues with core and plugin metrics, the meter now supports a command line option which allows the logging of all posted metrics to a local file.  Previous versions of the meter had a similar capability but it was mixed with a variety of other log data, making traversing the information difficult.

The data will now go the specified log file, and only contain the information relevant to metrics in a readable/parse-able format.   The option is invoked on the command line as such - "--metrics-logfile <filename>"

Increased event size for title and message fields

The meter supports ingesting events and pushing them to the back end.  These can come from a variety of sources, such as plugins, customer scripts, custom plugins, etc.  Previous versions of the meter restricted the title and message fields to 255 bytes each.   This limit has been increased to 8k each.   

Event Proxy RPC responses

The event RPC proxy now supports returning the status and JSON response from the back end API call.  This allows clients using the interface to track the success/failure or partial success status of each event that was proxied through the meter.

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