Windows Performance Counter Plugin

The Windows Performance Counter provides a framework whereby ad-hoc counter information can be collected.

  • Supported OS: Window
  • TrueSight Pulse meter 4.7.1-858 or later
To install a new meter go to 'Settings-> Installation' or see instructions.
To upgrade the meter to the latest version, see instructions
Metrics collected
Metric Name Description
User Defined Dependent on user defined counter path

Available Windows Performance counters

Using the windows command prompt, type TypePerf.exe -q to see the available performance counters. Type TypePerf.exe -q > counters.txt to send a list of all the counters to a text file.

Monitoring multiple counters

We can monitor multiple counters by creating multiple instances of the plugin with each specifying one counter each. Once the meter detects the valid counters, they will be monitored and the metrics will be available in the metrics page. To view the metrics on a dashboard we may need to edit a dashboard and add the metrics to it.

Note: If any of the counters specified is invalid, none of them will be shown.

Installing the plugin
1) Log into the BMC TrueSight Pulse console.
2) Go to Settings > Plugins.
3) Click 'Get Plugins'.
4) Scroll to 'WMI' and click 'Install'.
5) Pulse will provide a list of meters to associate to the plugin. Select a meter.
6) Select 'wmi' from the "Add a plugin..." drop down box and click 'Next'.
7) Click 'Add a Windows Counter', type the required details and click 'OK'.
Field Name Description
Metric Name The name of the metric for the counter
Counter The counter path for windows performance metric
Factor The multiplication factor for the metric
Poll Interval The collection interval in seconds
7) The following dashboard will be created:

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