How do I start/stop/restart the TrueSight Pulse Meter?

NOTE On October 11, 2016, BMC released Meter Version 4.4.1 which changed the name of the meter from boundary-meter to truesight-meter. This article reflects the change. If you are using a meter version prior to 4.4.1, then you will need to reference boundary-meter instead of truesight-meter in the operations discussed in this article.


/etc/rc.d/truesight-meter stop
/etc/rc.d/truesight-meter start


sudo /etc/init.d/truesight-meter restart
sudo /etc/init.d/truesight-meter stop
sudo /etc/init.d/truesight-meter start 

For systemd please use the systemctl command to stop and start the service:

systemctl start truesight-meter.service

systemctl stop truesight-meter.service

systemctl restart truesight-meter.service

systemctl status truesight-meter.service

SmartOS (no longer available)

To start or enable:

svcadm enable truesight/meter

To stop or disable:

svcadm disable truesight/meter

To view the status:

svcs -x truesight/meter

Windows command line (open 'cmd' window as Administrator)

sc stop truesight_meter
sc start truesight_meter

To view the status:

sc query truesight_meter

Alternatively, you can use Services Control Panel (click "Start" and type Services)

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