Renaming The Meter

The Boundary Meter has a configuration file that may be modified to to edit the hostname for your server. If this setting is empty, the Meter uses auto-detection to get host name from the OS.

To change the hostname you'll need to edit the agent configuration file and locate the hostname setting, which will look like:


This can also be done via the boundary-meter command:

boundary-meter -l update -N <name>

... where <name> is the string you would like to use as the new Meter name.

If you change the hostname after the Meter has been running, a new server will appear in your graph and will be associated to the measurements being captured by the Meter after the change. The old server's history is maintained but will age out as no new measurements will be associated to it.

Note: Make sure to restart the Meter after the configuration change - see this article for instructions on different platforms. 

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