Uninstall Meter - Windows

NOTE On October 11, 2016, BMC released Meter Version 4.4.1 which changed the name of the meter from boundary-meter to truesight-meter. This article reflects the change. If you are using a meter version prior to 4.4.1, then you will need to reference boundary-meter instead of truesight-meter in the operations discussed in this article.

Uninstall on Microsoft Windows

Use Control Panel's "Programs and Features" section, locate and uninstall "TrueSight Meter". After that, you might want to check if installer removed Meter folder

64-bit: c:\Program Files\TrueSight
32-bit: c:\Program Files(x86)\TrueSight
If the folder has not been removed, you can safely delete it manually.

Note: WinPcap program installed by the Meter Installer is not automatically removed, as it might be used by other applications installed after the Meter. You can remove it manually from the same section in Control Panel, search for "WinPcap for TrueSight Meter".

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