Adding Users - How To

BMC TrueSight Pulse lets you invite teammates to your account, so they can see and discuss the solutions. Everyone has a point of view and an expertise, TrueSight Pulse lets them get involved.
Inviting someone to TrueSight Pulse is very simple.
Open up Settings to the Users tab.

Please select the "TrueSight Account Manager" link. 
Once in "TrueSight Account Manager" select "My Account" > "Account Products".

For TrueSight Pulse select "Users".  You should see the screen below for TrueSight Pulse Users.

Enter the email address of the user and select "Invite".
The user will receive an invitation in their email.
Once the invite is accepted the user will be able to view dashboards.
If you want to give them permissions to make changes to the account, the admin option in "TrueSight Account Manager" > "Account Users" > "Roles" for user.

In this case the user '', who has just joined this account, already "owns" separate BMC TrueSight Pulse account (for example for testing purposes), he will be able switch between those accounts using Settings-> Dashboards tab.

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