Roles - Admins and Users

Once you have created your BMC TrueSight Pulse account, you can invite your team member or friends to your account using the Settings->Users window. When inviting a user, you can check the 'admin' checkbox to provide administrative rights.

What is the difference between admin and non-admin users? Admins can do virtually everything that an account owner can do, while non-admin users can view and interact with dashboards, but their ability to perform any configurations is almost totally restricted. When a non-admin user opens Settings dialog, it looks like this:

In particular, non-admin users cannot:
  • see or change alarms rules
  • see or change billing
  • see or change metrics
  • see or change plugins
  • see or change Meters
  • see or change users
  • edit dashboards
But they can access the Dashboards tab to switch between different dashboards, reset API token and add or edit Actions.

Non-admin users can also share the link to the current view and also use "Embed Graphs" feature. 

We recommend providing admin rights to only authorized users, while giving other users mostly read-only access. Also you can consider sharing BMC TrueSight Pulse dashboards by embedding them in other web applications - it is very easy!

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