How can I group my servers when using Embedded Graphs?

This article is based upon the following video: Video - Embedding URL's and Grouping Servers

An easy way to group sets of servers in TrueSight Pulse is via our embed option, using this it's possible to filter on specific servers that you can share or bookmark later for reference.

To set this up first select the embed button:

As you make changes to the page and/or add metrics keep an eye on the URL, you'll note that it changes with each click or addition. Below is a screenshot before modification:

And here you can see the URL changed when I removed a column, the "W=3" was changed to reflect the change "W=2":

Once the view you'd like to use has been setup, select the preview button, from here we'll be able to make a couple of other adjustments to the URL and see their effect right now:

You're nearly done!
The last thing you'll want to do is edit the default URL that the preview button generated, it should end with:


Remove that portion of the URL and add:


You can add multiple servers like this:


If you'd like to make the view appear even cleaner, you can add the following portion to the very end to remove the unselected instances:


You can use the default dashboard's filter to limit the sources for the embedded dashboard. If you want to expose only a subset of those sources, you can use the filter query parameter of the embedded dashboard URL as discussed above. If you set the additional query parameter exc to the value 1 then only the sources in the filter parameter will show. Without exc, all sources in the default dashboard's filter will appear, but the ones not matching the filter parameter will appear grayed out.
Here is a screenshot of the finished product:

And here are some live URL's I built as part of writing this article:

Load Balancers:



Because I created this using the embed option I'm automatically passing along the token, however, if you don't want to share the data directly you can use "Share the current view" from the main TrueSight Pulse menu, this will allow you to do nearly the same thing but it will remove the embed token forcing users to log into their accounts.
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