BMC TrueSight Pulse Meter - Upgrading from Graphdat Agent and Relay

IMPORTANT This article describes the upgrade path from Graphdat Agent to Pulse Meter. If you are looking to perform a clean install instead, please refer to Clean Install For Linux or Clean Install for Windows

Version 3.1 of the Pulse Meter deprecated both the Boundary Graphdat Agent and the Boundary Graphdat Relay. Released on November 11, 2014, the meter merges the agent and the relay into a single package.

Pulse Meter will automatically recognize installed Graphdat Agent and Relay when it is installed on the same system. It will use their existing configuration and migrate it into Pulse Meter configuration file. As Pulse Meter combines both the Agent and Relay services into the same package, it will migrate both configurations.

We recommend following process to assure the best results:

  • Stop the Graphdat Agent service
  • Stop the Graphdat Relay service
  • Perform Meter install (do not uninstall the Graphdat Agent nor the Graphdat Relay at this time)
    • For Linux and UNIX systems - follow the Clean Install For Linux procedure with following change:
    • Agent configuration is migrated automatically, to migrate Relay configuration append "--gd-relay-file <config filename>" to the third line (shell script install) 
    • For Windows - see this Clean Install For Windows
  • Perform an Uninstall of Graphdat Agent and uninstall Relay using npm
This will ensure you do not lose agent or relay configuration before the Meter has a chance to migrate it. 
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