Troubleshooting Tips for MS Windows

NOTE On October 11, 2016, BMC released Meter Version 4.4.1 which changed the name of the meter from boundary-meter to truesight-meter. This article reflects the change. If you are using a meter version prior to 4.4.1, then you will need to reference boundary-meter instead of truesight-meter in the operations discussed in this article.

Troubleshooting Installation

During the installation you might get the following error:

The cause for this error may vary.

Invalid API Token

First ensure that you have entered the right API Token (Install Token) in the Installation screen. You will find your token in TrueSight Pulse by navigating to the settings window and selecting "Help With Installation". You reach the settings window by selecting the gearwheel in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. The window will look similar to this:

Ensure by copy and pasting the API Token to the installation window that you are using the right api token. Be aware that the period (.) after the API Token is not part of the API Token.

Internet Access

Another reason for getting this message might be that you are not connected to the internet. To ensure that you have access to the internet open a browser and try to access If you are able to see the BMC Homepage your browser has access to the internet. 


Even though your browser has access to the internet you could be accessing the internet through a proxy. In this case the installation will also show the error mentioned above. You would need to start the installer with command line option


to force it to use your proxy when trying to access the internet. 

For further information on how to invoke the installer from the command line please refer to Knowledge Article 201856852.

Troubleshooting Meter

You can stop, start or restart TrueSight meter using the services applet from Windows Control Panel.

Alternatively, you can open a command window as Administrator and use 'sc' command to query the status, stop, start and restart the service. 

The service name for command line commands is "truesight_meter". Sample commands are:

sc query truesight_meter
sc stop truesight_meter
sc start truesight_meter

TrueSight Meter versions prior to 4.6.1 relied upon an open source library (either WinPcap or Npcap depending on the meter version) which was automatically installed by the meter installer.  It will be shown as a separate program in "Programs and Features" section of "Control Panel". If you have another application which also uses WinPcap, and installed or uninstalled it, it might have installed incompatible version of WinPcap or uninstalled it altogether. Current version of WinPcap used by Meter is v4.1.3

However, we strongly recommend upgrading the meter to version 4.6.1 which completely removes the need for winpcap or npcap to be installed.


The meter outputs its log messages to the Windows Event Log, into the Application and Services category. You can save multiple events into file using 'Actions' Panel at the right side.  If you intend to send the file to BMC TrueSight Support, please save the file as a CSV.  

  • Check that local tie is set to be automatically synchronized to Internet Network Servers.  

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