Plugins - Issues with Custom Upload

Users sometimes experience issues uploading private plugins to the BMC TrueSight Pulse service. Below are some commonly used tips for troubleshooting this:

Check your username/token in the upload: The basic curl command for uploading repositories in the documentation is:

$ curl<your plugin name>/<your github username>/<repo name>
-u <your email>:<your API key>

Get your API Token by click settings -> Account and taking the API Token for your account. The username is the email address next to "owner" at the top of this screen.

Confirm the address of your GitHub repository: The Curl upload path is:<Your Plugin Name>/<your github username>/<GitHub repository name> 

The plugin name can be anything you want and is set at this point.
The easiest way to get the github section is to visit the github page for your repository and copy the end of the URL or the title of the page to ensure there are no errors.

Check your JSON: A common cause of upload errors is invalid JSON in the plugin config file. You can pre validate your JSON by using an online service such as JSONLint.

If you don't see a JSON response: If the upload works you should see a JSON command showing 200, success. Occasionally the upload may take a while and you will see a HTML response. This is most likely a timeout with the Boundary service which shouldn't happen, so please let us know if you see this. However usually a retry will succeed.

Put your code on the master branch: When we load a new repo for private plugins, we pull the master branch, without it, we don't know which branch to use.

$ git checkout -b master
$ git push -u origin master

Other errors:  Generally if the upload path is correct you will receive a JSON formatted message with either success or an error. The error should give you some clues towards the problem, but if you do hit issues raise a ticket using the link on the right and we'll be pleased to help.

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