Legend Bar - How To

TrueSight Pulse Dashboards feature innovative Legend Bar in the left hand side of your dashboards. This dynamic legend bar shows which colour is assigned to each of servers shown in the current dashboard. But it also doubles as selection and focus control.

When dashboard is selected, the legend bar is populated with the servers relevant to this dashboard. This is automatically determined by metrics used. In the beginning, all the toggles are in 'on' positions.


You can hide a specific server by clicking its toggle in the legend, this will turn its' line grey on the graphs


You can continue to select different servers by clicking the toggles.

This way we can add or remove selections one by one. Selected servers will colored, while all other will be shown using gray color. If you would like to focus on selected ones only and remove grey lines, use 'context' toggle button on the bottom left.


There are also 3 other buttons next to the context button. These allow you to select all, select none, or inverse your selection

The Invert Selection button selects the opposite of your current selection. For example if I deselect my clm-aus-000208 server as below:
and hit the "select inverse" button all servers except for clm-aus-000208 will be deselected as below:

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