Filtering & Searching Sources - How To

As you continue to extend your monitoring with TrueSight Pulse you will build up a large list of sources.

While the dashboards will automatically limit the displayed sources based on the metrics, you may need to search for one or two specific sources, or group them together in ways that make sense to you. For that we have the sources list on the left of all your dashboards.

The list populates automatically with all sources you have registered (from meters, plugins, or integrations). Some integrations also automatically add Saved Filters, for example AWS integration has created regional filters for all the AWS services in the above screenshot)

When you first open the sources drop down the sources currently active in the legend bar will be selected. You can use this drop down to change which sources are displayed in the Legend Bar.


By typing in the box TrueSight Pulse will instantly search and limit the sources and filters displayed

Select All/None

The first check box in the list, Available Sources, is always to select all. Note that this only selects/deselects the sources currently displayed in the list. For example if there were initially 8 sources displayed on my dashboard:

If we search for all my Flask hosts and choose "select all"

I will now have 2 sources selected in total. 

Navigating Search Results

For quick navigation while searching, you can navigate the sources list using the cursor keys and space bar to select/deselect hosts

Saving Searches

Often you will want to save your filtered sources to use again later. You can do this by hitting the Save Filter button. This will ask you for a name for your filter (as below)


Once saved your filter will appear in the filters list and be available to everyone that uses your account.

Pinning a Filter

When you save a filter you have the option to Pin it to a dashboard. This means that the filter will be automatically selected whenever you visit this dashboard. To pin or unpin a dashboard you can use the pin icon next to the sources box (note that this icon only appears when a saved filter is currently in use)

Editing/Deleting Filters

Filters can be deleted or manually edited by opening the Settings menu, choosing Filters in the left hand section, choosing your filter and clicking delete to remove the filter, or by adding a new host or source (note that currently only literal strings are valid entries in this form).

Note that the Sources box only controls which sources are displayed in the legend. You can further control what is shown on the graphs by using the Legend Bar. 


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