Uninstall Graphdat Agent

NOTE On October 11, 2016, BMC released Meter Version 4.4.1 which changed the name of the meter from boundary-meter to truesight-meter. This article reflects the change. If you are using a meter version prior to 4.4.1, then you will need to reference boundary-meter instead of truesight-meter in the operations discussed in this article.

Please note that this article refers to remove the Graphdat Agent, this is deprecated technology that was replaced by the TrueSight Meter.

If you wish to remove the TrueSight Meter from your servers please use this article for Linux or this one for Windows.

If you aren't sure please contact us and we'll be pleased to give you some guidance 

First, remove the package:

​sudo apt-get purge graphdat-agent

Then, remove the apt source:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/boundary_premium.list

Lastly, remove the Boundary Graphdat apt public key:

sudo apt-key del 61C036B1

Remove the package:

sudo yum erase graphdat-agent

Remove the config file:

sudo rm /etc/graphdat.conf 
sudo rm /etc/yum/yum.repos.d/graphdat

Remove Graphdat archives in your cache:

sudo rm -rf /var/cache/yum/graphdat

Remove the Boundary Graphdat Agent using "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel

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