How do I get data in my account?

With BMC TrueSight Pulse there are a few ways to get data in to your account. First off you can either pull metrics directly from AWS or with our Meter:

Basic Metrics
AWS Integration - if you are running on AWS we have the ability to pull metrics directly from CloudWatch, we then give the ability to build your own dashboards, alarms, and store the data for longer than CloudWatch. This does not require any Meters to be installed, but due to AWS limitations is only 1 minute data. Info on integrating with AWS can be found here

Meter - The TrueSight Pulse agent. This is a small application you can install on your servers which will send back OS metrics (very soon this will be 20 OS metrics) to TrueSight Pulse every second, this provides more metrics at higher resolution than the AWS integration and uses very little resource on your systems. You can find installation information here

Additional Metrics

Once you've got base metrics coming in you can start to extend your reach with some of these options: 

Plugins - Once a Meter is installed you can deploy plugins to it. Plugins enable you to gather metrics from application installed on your server, such as nginx or couchDB. You can see the complete list of plugins here, and there's a walkthrough on how to get started with them here. You can also build your own plugins to monitor any other applications we don't currently cover. Plugins require the Meter to be installed before they can be deployed.

Custom Metrics - You aren't limited to the metrics we provide with BMC TrueSight Pulse, you can send your own metrics in either by creating your own plugin or by sending metrics directly to our API (video here)


If you've got any questions about getting data into BMC TrueSight Pulse, get in touch and we'll be glad to help!

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