Send notifications To HipChat

TrueSight Pulse provides easy to use alarms, which will be triggered when the monitored metric goes above (or below) the defined threshold. Each alarm  can be connected to one or more Actions, so users can be notified when an alarm status changes. When the account is created, we pre-provision several simple alarms to get you started and connect them to the e-mail Action. Customers who use different collaboration tools can easily create more Actions and attach them to Alarms. This article describes how to integrate with the popular HipChat service. 

UPDATE: Video tutorial based on this article is available here.

First, you need to add the HipChat Action to your Pulse account. Click "Settings" on left toolbar to open the dialog and go to Actions tab. Click on the "Add Action" button and select "HipChat" on the next screen and click "Add".  


You'll find yourself in the HipChat action configuration page. First you need to give your action a name (this is just an identifier for you, so can be anything).

Now you need to get hold of your API Token, so head over to your HipChat account. There are two API's currently in use with Hipchat, TrueSight Pulse uses the latest one (beta API version 2). Click on the person icon in the top right and go to account settings.

Then go into API Access. If you have never created a token you'll need to hit "Create token" button (the screen should look similar to the one below):

This will create a personal token and a query parameter for you, copy the personal token.

(If you've previously created a token just copy it, no need to regenerate as this will invalidate any other API integrations you are using)

The TrueSight Pulse action also needs to know which chat room to post the notifications, so while you are in your settings head to "Rooms" in the top menu, click into the room you want to notify and copy the API ID.

Back in TrueSight Pulse paste the API token and room ID into the appropriate boxes and click Save.

Your Action is ready to be used! To associate it with an alarm click "Alarms" in the left hand menu, choose the Alarm you want to notify Hipchat, and in the Actions section select the new Action

Save your Alarm. When the Alarm fires next time, you will see your TrueSight Pulse notification appears in the relevant HipChat room.

Thats it! You can reuse this Action in as many alarm rules as you like or create more actions to notify different HipChat rooms.

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