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BMC TrueSight Pulse provides easy to use alarms, which will be triggered when the monitored metric goes above (or below) the defined threshold. Each alarm  can be connected to one or more Actions, so users can be notified when an alarm status changes. When the account is created, we pre-provision several simple alarms to get you started and connect them to the e-mail Action. Customers, who use different collaboration tools, can easily create more Actions and attach them to Alarms. This article describes how to integrate with PagerDuty to create incidents.

UPDATE: Video tutorial based on this article is available here.

First head over to your PagerDuty account and click "Configuration" > "Services". Once there click the "Add New Service" button.

Give the service a name and give it an escalation policy, and under "integration type" choose "integration" and type in TrueSight Pulse (Boundary). Then click the "Add Service" button

An API key will be automatically generated for the integration, copy this and go to your TrueSight Pulse dashboard. 

In Pulse go to Settings -> Actions, click "Add Action" and add the PagerDuty Action


In the Action configuration page give your action a name (which can be anything) and paste in the API Key you copied from PagerDuty.

Click "Save", and the Action is ready! Now you go into Alarms tab in the left hand menu to attach this Action. Choose the alarm you want to send to PagerDuty. You'll see your new Action appear in the list, choose it and then click "Save".

Once your Alarm next triggers you will see the notification appear in PagerDuty!

You can reuse this action in as many alarm rules as you need, and set up different actions for different escalation policies as needed.


For more information please see the BMC TrueSight Pulse Integration Guide on the PagerDuty website.

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