Plugins - Errors Installing or Running Plugins

If you have tried to install a plugin but get an error in the console the below steps should help you understand how to solve the problem.

First of all, confirm that the system you are deploying the Plugin to meets the pre requisites listed in the Plugin details.

When installing a plugin Boundary displays the console output from the meter you are deploying to. This output often provides information about the error. Some common issues are listed below, if yours is not listed here please contact support and attach the console output.

Common Errors when deploying Plugins

Spawn command failed for: npm (Linux)

Failed to launch process npm: The system cannot find the file specified. (Windows)

This error is thrown because the Plugin requires node.js and npm in order to run, this is listed in the Plugin details page. To fix this you must install node.js and npm (the node package manager) on your system. The repository "Installing Node.js via package manager" gives up to date instructions for most distributions.  After installing node and npm, we recommend you stop/start the boundary meter service.


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