Send notifications to Campfire

TrueSight Pulse provides easy to use alarms, which will be triggered when the monitored metric goes above (or below) the defined threshold. Each alarm  can be connected to one or more Actions, so users can be notified when an alarm status changes. When the account is created, we pre-provision several simple alarms to get you started and connect them to the e-mail Action. Customers who use different collaboration tools can easily create more Actions and attach them to Alarms. This article describes how to integrate with the Campfire live chat service

Note that a video version of this tutorial is available here.

The TrueSight Pulse Campfire Action will post alarms in a given room on Campfire. The first step to configuring is to gather the information needed for the Campfire action.

In Campfire enter the room you wish to be notified in and copy the numeric code from the end of the URL, this is the RoomID. You will also need your Subdomain from this address as well. In this example, I copy BoundaryTesting and 608446

 We also to get our API Key. For this click on My Info in the top right hand corner

Copy the API key from the next screen:

Now in TrueSight Pulse click settings -> Actions and click Add Action to see the list of available Actions, find the Campfire Action and click "Add". This will take you to the Action configuration page. Give your action a name - this is an identifier for you as you can have multiple Campfire Actions for different rules and Alarms. Copy in the subdomain, room ID and API Key we gathered earlier, and then choose a sound effect you'd like to be played in Campfire:

Click Save when you are finished and your Action is configured and ready to use! 

Now you need to assign the Action to the Alarms that you wish to be notified about. To do this click on Alarms in the Settings menu, choose the Alarm and select your Action from the Actions list

Click Save, and you're done - the next time this Alarm fires you will be notified in your Campfire chatroom!

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