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BMC TrueSight Pulse provides easy to use alarms, which will be triggered when the monitored metric goes above (or below) the defined threshold. Each alarm  can be connected to one or more Actions, so users can be notified when an alarm status changes. When the account is created, we pre-provision several simple alarms to get you started and connect them to the e-mail Action. This article explains how to edit that action and create new Email Actions.

Note that  Video version of this tutorial is available here

When you sign up for BMC TrueSight Pulse a set of predefined Alarms are created as well as an Email Action. For many of the predefined Alarms the email Action is preconfigured, so you can receive notifications in your inbox straight away.

You can edit this Action by visiting Settings -> Actions. You will see a single action created called "Email [username]".

Click on this and edit the action name or change the email address that default notifications are sent to.

Stop Email Notifications

You may decide that you do not want to use email notifications. To stop them you can either

1) Remove the email Action from each Alarm - To do this click on Alarms, click on the Alarm you wish to edit, and in the Actions box click the 'x' symbol, then click save. You will no longer receive emails for that Alarm

2) Send Emails to a null address - Alternatively you can stop all notification from an email action by editing the "to" address to a nonexistent email address. Note that the Boundary system will still attempt to send the emails, so this is not preferable.

Add a New Email Action

You may need to send certain alarms to a different inbox. With Boundary you can have multiple Actions of the same type, so you can create another email Action and assign it to the relevant Alarms.

To add a new Action visit Settings -> Actions and click "Add and Action" find "Email Action" in the list and click "Add".

This will take you to the configuration screen. Enter a Name and an Email address. To add more than one address, add one address per line. Then click Save.

You can now add your new Action to Alarms by visiting Settings -> Alarms, click the Alarm you need to edit, and from the Actions drop down choose your new Action, and click Save.

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