How to install Java?

BMC TrueSight Pulse provides technology plugins to extend the features of the core product and provide the coverage of multiple 3rd party products. Unlike BMC TrueSight Pulse Meter (which is developed in C language, compiled to native code and fully self-contained), the plugins usually are implemented using a dynamic language and require additional runtime support, e.g. node.js, Python or Java. Additionally, some plugins are not supported on all platforms supported by Meter

Please refer to the specific plugin's README file for exact pre-requisite requirements.

If plugin requires Java support, it should be installed on the host before installing the plugin. The installation method depends on server OS. Check if you are already have the Java installed and what is its version.

We suggest using latest JRE v7, at the time of writing this article, it is v7u76. Later JRE v7 versions should work, but Java 8 still has not been officially supported by Hadoop-based products, including HBase. 

Checking installed version

java -version

Installation instructions

Please see the official Java link for the latest installation instructions based on your platform.

Linux and Unix (Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, ...)

Linux install


Windows Install - Online

Windows Install - Offline

Mac OS X

Mac OS X Install


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