What is the status of BMC TrueSight Pulse service? Is there planned maintenance or outage?

The BMC TrueSight Pulse service uses highly distributed resilient micro-services architecture, which support multi-tenant environments with huge amounts of incoming data and real-time dashboards working 24x7x365. The public offering is fully hosted by AWS. 

We regularly push out new features, in most cases without anyone noticing and without any downtime or loss of data. In rare cases there might be planned outages when we need to deploy significant changes or move to new hardware resources. Also, as with any software, working at such scale might lead to unpredictable scenarios, which only occur at the production environment and were not detected during the development and testing.

Having said that, in most situations when we heard complaints about slow response or lack of data in dashboards, the problem was not in the service itself, rather at customer environment - browser, monitored server or product, firewall rules, wrong OS permissions, etc.

If in doubt, start by visiting page:

The BMC TrueSight Pulse Status page is managed by our DevOps team, which updates it in case of any planned or unplanned incidents. You can also subscribe to those updates using email, SMS or Twitter on the same page.    


If there is no incident reported, continue to general Troubleshooting section or search Knowledge base. In most cases we do have the answer there, if not - please contact our support team at



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