How to add custom action?

BMC TrueSight Pulse comes with number of ready-to-use Actions, including those for Email, Slack, PagerDuty and other services. We continuously add more Actions, usually based on the customers' requests and resources availability. 

In some cases, we got requests from messaging or collaboration vendors to create new integration with their tool. While we always looking for ways to add more integrations, it might not be our top priority for the moment. However, we will gladly help to integrate the Action contributed by the vendors or TrueSight Pulse users.

For this purpose we have created special instructions and sample code in public GitHub repository:

Actions can be developed and tested in standalone configuration, but they differ from custom plugins in several ways:

  • Actions can be implemented only in Node.js (Plugins can be implemented in any language, but we are migrating most official ones to Lua).
  • To integrate an Action with UI, it needs to be submitted to Boundary and merged into BMC TrueSight Pulse codebase by BMC engineering

Please feel free to reach out to to notify us about your work or ask questions. 



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