Upgrading a Meter Plugin

New versions of meter plugins are made available to BMC TrueSight Pulse accounts when they are released, but they are not automatically deployed to the respective meters that use the updated plugin. Action is required by a BMC TrueSight Pulse account administrator(s) to upgrade to the latest meter plugins. This article provides the instructions on how to deploy updated meter plugins.

Whenever a meter plugin is updated to a new version, a green button labeled "Apply update" appears in the meter plugin configuration dialog on each meter that uses the updated plugin. A screen shot of the button is shown here:



To update a meter to use the new version of a meter plugin perform the following:

  1. Click on Settings -> Meters
  2. From the displayed dialog click on the meter you wish to upgrade with the new meter plugin.
  3. A list of plugins associated with the meter is displayed. A green button, with the label, Apply update, appears next to meter plugins that need to be updated.
  4. Click on the green button labeled Apply Update.
  5. The meter console is displayed showing the progress of the update. Successful update will show that the updated plugin has started similiar to this text here(in this case the pingcheck plugin):
    [v4.2.0-611: plugin.c: 0290,plugin_started_c] Plugin pingcheck (version 0.9.2) started
  6. Dismiss the dialog.




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