General - Why Did My Dashboard Background Change to White?


On September 9, 2015, we launched BMC TrueSight Pulse.  As a part of this launch, we changed the dashboard default to select our 'Light' theme.   The intent was that existing dashboards would remain with the old setting of our dark theme, but that new dashboards and, most importantly, new customers would see the now standard Light theme.

Unfortunately, in certain situations where the theme setting is not explicitly called out, customers may find that their dashboards have changed from the dark theme to the light theme without their acting to make the change. 

For example, editing an older dashboard and saving it may inadvertently change the theme from dark to light.  As another example, an embedded dashboard will change from dark to light if the theme setting was not explicitly called out in the embedded dashboard's url.


When editing an older dashboard, pay close attention to the Light theme check-box:

In older dashboards we did not save the state of the unchecked box, so when you launch the editor, the default (Light) theme will be applied -- checking the box for you whether you want it or not.

Once you uncheck the theme and save the dashboard, it will never revert back to the light theme unintentionally.  

For more on editing dashboards, refer to Building a New Dashboard

Regarding embedded dashboards, it is possible to call out a dashboard url without specifying the dashboard theme.  This would have been common when the dashboard default theme was dark.  With the change in the default, an undeclared embedded dashboard url will change from dark to light.

The solution is to specify the theme by adding the parameter:


to the url string.  This will force selection of the dark theme by turning off the light theme.  This parameter has always existed, but was optional when the user wanted the dark theme and the dark theme was the default.


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