Version 4.2.2 - October 16, 2015

This is to announce the release of Meter version 4.2.2 (Build number 4.2.2-628.).

Stability Fixes and Improvements

This meter release contains numerous stability fixes and performance improvements to the 4.2.1 meter.


Following bug fixes were addressed:

  1. Meter-580 Plugin manager sends invalid metric data to meter when processing source (host) names that begin with a numeric character.
  2. "Meter-585: Fixed memory leak when users with free accounts had plugins installed"
  3. Meter-611: Large numbers of UDP listeners on Windows can cause data gaps in the dashboard.
  4. Meter-606: Plugin re-install attempts were too fast after plugin failures.
  5. Meter-640: Plugin manager does not always remove unused plugins


Following architecture improvements were added:

  1. Meter-636: Command line option to allow meter to modify it’s configuration file.
  2. Meter-567: Support process info RPC with regex.



Users are encouraged to upgrade to this new release. Happy Holidays!

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