TrueSight Intelligence: How to collect data using TrueSight Pulse

Collecting data using TrueSight Pulse

Use TrueSight Intelligence to analyze TrueSight Pulse data

TrueSight Pulse has standard plugins that are readily available used to collect data from popular data sources, such as operating systems, databases, cloud services, devices, and so on. You can get this data into TrueSight Intelligence for analysis.


Send TrueSight Pulse data to TrueSight Intelligence

You must add configuration parameters to facilitate the BMC TrueSight Pulse for sending data to BMC TrueSight Intelligence. Tag data at the TrueSight Pulse meter level to send all data collected by one or more meters to a selected TrueSight Intelligence application. In the example below, the meters (Meter 1 and Meter 2) send data to a single TrueSight Intelligence application (Application 1).



You must have a valid subscription to TrueSight Pulse with meters set up for data collection.


To send data from a TrueSight Pulse meter to a TrueSight Intelligence application

  1. Navigate to the configuration file, meter.conf.
    • For Linux, navigate to /etc/boundary/
    • For Windows, navigate to /Program Files (x86)/boundary/
  2. Edit the properties section of the file to add the TrueSight Intelligence application ID
    For example: "properties" : { "app_id":"MyAppID" }
  3. Restart the TrueSight Pulse meter
    • For Linux, type sudo service boundary-meter restart
    • For Windows, restart the service titled Boundary Meter.
  4. Navigate to the Apps screen in TrueSight Intelligence to view the data collected using the TrueSight Pulse meter. You can view the complete list of sources from the sources screen.


For more detailed information please see the BMC TrueSight Intelligence Documentation page on the subject.

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