TrueSight Intelligence: Collecting data using RESTful APIs

The RESTful APIs can be used to configure custom data collection. The API endpoint URL is:

For more information on the available APIs, see

Making an authenticated RESTful API call


  1. Navigate to Admin > Account Manager and view the Product Security section to view security details.
  2. Copy the API token to a temporary location. For more information, see the Product Security section of the BMC TrueSight Account Manager.


    Your email address and API token are used to ensure authorized RESTful APIs send data to your account. Share the API key with authorized individuals only.

  3. Provide this key as part of the header.

    Replace <API token> in the example below with your account API key and replace <email> with your account email address.
Example: Retrieve events from your account
curl -k -H "Content-Type: application/json"
-u <email>:<API token>

The following tags must be included with appropriate values for sending data to TrueSight Intelligence.


app_id The TrueSight Intelligence application to which the measurement will be associated. For example, specify app_id=EngageCash to associate a metric with a TrueSight Intelligence application named EngageCash. For more information on the TrueSight Intelligence applications screen, see Managing applications.
source_type Create source(s) accepted by TrueSight Intelligence to group all metrics using the same value. For example, metrics related to an Oracle database instance (such as logons, transactions, and physical reads), can be logically grouped as ORACLE_INSTANCE. Subsequently, source_type=ORACLE_INSTANCE is included as a property to the measurements for these metrics. For more information on the Sources screen in TrueSight Intelligence, see Viewing sources.

Create device(s) accepted by TrueSight Intelligence to represent the host or server for which the data is being collected by the plugin. This tag can be used to build relationships among various entities to depict a hierarchy in TrueSight Intelligence. For example, when a plugin is monitoring an application running on host, a property of can be specified.


For more information and examples please see the BMC TrueSight Intelligence page on this subject.

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