TrueSight Intelligence: Setting KPIs for analysis

You can tag specific metrics as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use BMC TrueSight Intelligence to monitor them as part of an application using BMC TrueSight Intelligence. The application tag can be applied to all data collected using RESTful APIs, TrueSight Pulse plugins, or any combination of the two.

To set metrics as Application KPIs

Carefully select KPIs to assist in application analysis. The time scale for the KPIs are synchronized, which allows you to see how metrics affect each other. For example, you can set application metrics such as request count and response time as KPIs.


The device data must be tagged with the Application ID before you can set a metric as a KPI.

  1. Select a metric that you want to set as an application KPI by using one of the following methods:
    • Search for the metric from the search box. For more information, see Searching for data.
    • Click Devices and select a component; then select the metric from the list.
  2. From the Metric details screen, click the action menu and select Set as Application KPI



To tag data collected by TrueSight Pulse plugins


You need to have a subscription to TrueSight Pulse for using the plugins.

  1. Click Apps and navigate to an application.
  2. Click View application details and then click Show details to view and copy the App ID.
  3. Copy this application ID and use it with TrueSight Pulse for tagging the data collected. For more information, see Collecting data using TrueSight Pulse plugins.


To view and analyze Application KPIs

The time scale on the charts is synchronized, and provides a visual representation of the KPIs that allows you to identify relationships between metrics. For example, a sudden increase in requests might cause the response time to increase as well.

  1. Click Apps to view a summary view of all the applications configured in TrueSight Intelligence. The summary view lets you view the total events, abnormalities, and average values for the various metrics added as KPIs.
  2. Click the application name to which you associated the metrics.
  3. From the Application Details screen, select the KPIs tab. You can view and analyze the charts (one chart for each KPI).

To edit the Application KPIs

  1. Click Apps and click the application name to view application details.
  2. Click edit  to view and edit the application details.
  3. You can edit the name, description, and application URL. The Application URL is used for reference, and is useful if you are monitoring an application that has a URL.
  4. From the KPIs table, perform the following actions:
    1. Edit the title.
    2. Use the arrow buttons (or ) to change the order in which the KPIs are displayed.
    3. Click remove  to remove a KPI from the display and remove the KPI tag from the metric.
  5. Click Save.


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