BMC TrueSight Pulse Meter - Clean Install for Mac OS X

NOTE On October 11, 2016, BMC released Meter Version 4.4.1 which changed the name of the meter from boundary-meter to truesight-meter. This article reflects the change. If you are using a meter version prior to 4.4.1, then you will need to reference boundary-meter instead of truesight-meter in the operations discussed in this article.

Install the BMC TrueSight Pulse meter on Mac OS X

The first step is to get the install API token for your account, located at > My Account > Product Security.

NOTE: Previously this was located in Settings > Account tab. The format of the token has changed but older tokens will still work as well.

TrueSight Pulse and TrueSight Intelligence account management functions are now consolidated into a single point of administration called TrueSight Account Manager.


The next step is to download the BMC TrueSight Pulse Mac OS X Package installer from here:

Double clicking on the package installer may produce the following message:

To bypass, please open Finder, press down on the 'control' button, click the installer then select 'open' to kick off installer.

Click 'Continue'.

 Click 'Continue'.

Please click 'agree' to accept the license terms.

Click 'Install'.

Enter your API key and click 'Continue".

The install directory is /opt/truesight and to confirm the meter is running you can:

- run ‘sudo /opt/truesight/etc/meterctl status’



To stop and uninstall the meter, run:

'sudo /opt/truesight/etc/meterctl uninstall'

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