Changing the email address for your account

The way to approach this is to invite and add a new user using the new email address. Once that user has accepted the invitation, you can promote the user to an administrator. At this point you will have two users. Which is fine.

Here are the steps:

  1. You invite the new user to Pulse (Account Manager -> My Account -> Product User), enter the email and click 'invite'. (the default permission for an invited user is 'user'). 

    NOTE: The default invite is for TrueSight Intelligence Users. For inviting new TrueSight Pulse Users, in TrueSight Account Manager > My Account > Account Products, go to the TrueSight Pulse row and click the “Users” link. 

  2. The new user opens his email, and opens that link in a new browser session (as you are already logged in, we don't want to cross the streams with your currently open Account Manager).
  3. New user accepts the invitation and fills out the details.
  4. In your original window, you (inviting user) can now change the new user to an administrator (Account Manager -> My Account -> Account Users).
  5. In the new user's browser, logout and log back in and that new user is now an account administrator.

If it is absolutely necessary to delete old user please submit a request to us at Our operations team will be able to process the deletion directly on the back-end.

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