Apache Zookeeper Plugin

Monitor, visualize and alert on your Apache Zookeeper in one-second intervals with this TrueSight Pulse Apache Zookeeper API plugin.
You may also refer to this video for a recorded walk through of the install and configuration process.

  • Supported OS: Linux
  • Apache Zookeeper 3.4 or later
  • TrueSight Pulse meter 4.2 or later
To install new meter go to Settings-> Installation or see instructions
To upgrade the meter to the latest version – see instructions 

Metrics Collected:



How To Install Apache Zookeeper Plugin
1) Log into the BMC TrueSight Pulse console.
2) Go to Settings > Plugins
3) Click on 'Get Plugins'.
4) Scroll to 'zookeeper' and click 'Install'.
5) Next, Pulse will provide a list of meters to associate to the plugin.  Please select a meter.  Now an "Add a plugin..." drop down box will display.  Please click and select 'zookeeper':
6) Select default settings and add "Source".  It's recommended to use the meter name for the "Source" value.  Click "Save".
7) Console output after clicking "Save":
8) Now the zookeeper plugin is installed and associated to a meter.
9) This completes the install.  Sample Zookeeper dashboard below.
Apache Zookeeper Documentation.


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