What is end-user experience monitoring?

TrueSight End User Experience (EUE) on Pulse provides visibility into end-to-end transaction time and a breakdown of page performance for your web-based applications. End-user data enables you to detect and respond when users experience slow response times. With EUE on Pulse, you can monitor end-to-end transaction time and identify problematic parts (such as back-end time or Ajax requests) of a web page.


EUE on Pulse monitors the duration of page navigation elements, as shown in the following diagram. For more information about these metrics, see End-user experience performance metrics.

End-user experience metrics for page navigation
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You can visualize monitored metrics in the provided EUE dashboards, or create your own dashboards based on key metrics for your application. For more information about the EUE dashboards, see Analyzing end-user monitoring data in dashboards.

EUE Breakdown dashboard
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JavaScript snippet

By manually inserting a JavaScript snippet in your applications, EUE on Pulse processes end-user performance data. For information about inserting the JavaScript snippet into you application, see Setting up end-user monitoring (JavaScript snippet).

End User Experience monitoring JavaScript snippet
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End-user data is available only for browser-based rich Internet applications (RIAs) that are based on HTML and JavaScript, including single-page applications (SPAs). End-user data might not be available for native mobile applications or desktop applications.


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