Version 4.5.0 - November 14, 2016

Version 4.5.0

The final Meter 4.5.0 build is available as of Nov 14th, 2016.

Full build number is 4.5.0-778.


Upgrade to Luvit 2.0

The meter package now includes the Luvit/Lua interpreter as a standalone binary - truesight-luvit.  By de-coupling the LUA capabilities from within the meter, we can now provide much more up-to-date feature enhancements and fixes from the Luvit community.   The new version also address some issues that were affecting some of our plugins.

64 bit Windows Version

We are once again providing a native 64 bit windows meter version in addition to the 32 bit meter.  The 64 bit version is located under the bucket while the 32 bit version remains under

Application ID Setting in the Installer

We now provide a new field for Application ID in the OS/X and Windows installers.  This removes the need for the user to hand edit the JSON configuration file the meter uses.  This change pertains to users integrating with TSI (Truesight Intelligence).

New Version of libcurl

We have upgraded our version of libcurl to the latest release - 7.51.0   The libcurl update contained a number of security fixes and enhancements.

Withdrawal of Operating System Support

With this release, we have withdrawn support for SmartOS and Engineyard Gentoo.  

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